Louisville KY Mortgage Rates (via Louisville Ky Mortgage Rates)

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Louisville KY Mortgage Rates Louisville KY Mortgage Rates   Louisville Kentuckly  Mortgage rates have fluctuated as a result of declining Louisville KY housing prices and decreasing available credit. People are having a hard time finding good Louisville KY mortgage lenders and good Louisville Ky mortgage brokers to trust with their financial future. When times are tough and you don't know where to turn, it's still possible to find the Louisville KY best mortgage rates. I res … Read More

via Louisville Ky Mortgage Rates


Author: Louisville Kentucky Mortgage

I have helped over 589 Kentucky families buy or refinance their home over the last 18 years. Realizing that this is one of the biggest, most important financial transactions a family makes during their lifetime, I always feel honored and respected when I am chosen to originate their personal home loan. You can count on me to deliver on what I say, and I will always give you honest, up-front personal attention you deserve during the loan process. I have several advantages over the large banks in town. First, I can search and negotiate for your loan options through several different mortgage companies across the country to get you the best deal locally. Where most banks will offer offer you their one set of loan products. I have access to over 10 different mortgage companies to broker your loan through to get you the best pricing and loan products that may not fit into the bank's program due to credit, income, or other underwriting issues. You will not get lost in the shuffle like most borrowers do at the mega banks; you're just not a number at our company, you are a person and we will treat you like one throughout the entire process. Give us a try or let us compare your options on your next mortgage transaction. Call me locally at 502-905-3708. Free Mortgage Pre-Qualifications same day on most applications. Email me at kentuckyloan@gmail.com with your questions I specialize in Kentucky FHA, VA ,USDA, KHC, Conventional and Jumbo mortgage loans. I am based out of Louisville Kentucky. For the first time buyer with little money down, we offer Kentucky Housing or KHC loans with down payment assistance. This website is not an government agency, and does not officially represent the HUD, VA, USDA or FHA or any other government agency. NMLS# 57916 http://www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org/ Joel Lobb Senior Loan Officer (NMLS#57916) American Mortgage Solutions, Inc. 800 Stone Creek Pkwy, Ste 7, Louisville, KY 40223 phone: (502) 905-3708 Fax: (502) 327-9119 kentuckyloan@gmail.com Company ID #1364 | MB73346 http://mylouisvillekentuckymortgage.com Equal Housing Lender

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  1. Current Louisville Kentucky Mortgage Rates Today 05/28/2011

    Best Current Louisville KY Mortgage Rates Today

    I am available from 9 AM to 9 PM daily. I make every effort to take all calls and respond to email promptly.

    Current Mortgage Rates in KY: FHA/VA,KHC,USDA,Conventional

    Current Louisville Kentucky Mortgage Rates for today
    Mortgage Product Mortgage Rates (APR)

    15 Year Fixed Conventional 3.750% 4.135% apr
    30 Year Fixed Conventional 4.375% 4.834% apr
    30 Year Fixed FHA 4.250% 5.275% apr
    30 Year Fixed USDA 4.625% 5.288% apr
    30 year Fixed VA 4.375% 5.189% apr
    30 year Fixed KHC 4.500% 5.377% apr

    Current Louisville Kentucky Mortgage Rates
    Current Rates are subject to qualifying criteria
    Current Rates are subject to change without notice.

    Free Credit Report and Pre qualifications available anytime.

    Key Financial Mortgage of KY is a licensed mortgage broker in the state of Kentucky (NMLS#1800) Key Financial Mortgage of KY is not a part of, nor are we affiliated with, the VA, FHA/HUD, USDA. These entities are a government agency, not a lender. They simply insures the mortgages; they do not loan the money. Joel Lobb (NMLS#57916) is a licensed mortgage loan officer in the state of Kentucky.

    Current Louisville Kentucky Mortgage Rates are updated daily at this blog

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