Bullitt County Kentucky USDA Home Loan and Rural Housing Loans for Bullitt County KY

Bullitt County USDA Loan Adjusted Maximum Income Limits by County
Updated 10/24/2012

County Name     1-4 Person Households
(Guaranteed Loans)
5-8 Person Households 
(Guaranteed Loans)
Bullitt Bullitt County Area
Bullitt County Overview
Bullitt County Map 1
Bullitt County Map 2
Bullitt County Map 3
Bullitt County Map 4
Bullitt County Map 5 
Bullitt County Map 6
Bullitt County Map 7

Overview Map of Bullitt Ineligible area

Fill out the Application on this page, or call one of our certified USDA loan agents at 502-905-3708 and find out if you’re eligible.

Joel Lobb (NMLS#57916)
Senior  Loan Officer
502-905-3708 cell
502-813-2795 fax
jlobb@keyfinllc.comKey Financial Mortgage Co. (NMLS #1800)*
107 South Hurstbourne Parkway*
Louisville, KY 40222*

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