Lending 101: FHA Loans In Kentucky

Lending 101: FHA Loans In Kentucky

Kentucky FHA loans are great loan program that is not just for first-time buyers!Here are some of our favorite features of Kentucky FHA loans:

  1. Low down payment – FHA requires 3.5 % down. For qualified buyers, this money may be able to be gifted from a family member.
  2. No income limits – There are no income limits placed on the borrower or the household.
  3. Credit scores – Interest rates and underwriting requirements are less credit score sensitive than other loan programs. In some scenarios, we are able to lend to buyers with scores in the mid-500s. *Note: Credit scores under 580 will require a 10% down payment.
  4. Manufactured homes – No problem with FHA! Manufactured homes must be on a permanent foundation and have been built after June 1976.
  5. Rehab loans – Utilizing the FHA 203K program, we can do purchase and refinance loans that roll the cost of rehabs or repairs into the loan amount.
  6. No geographic restrictions – FHA loans can be done anywhere,
  7. Generous Debt-to-Income Ratios – For most buyers, FHA allows for a higher debt load than other programs. FHA may be the only program for some borrowers with high credit card and/or student loan debt.
  8. Non-Occupant Co-Borrowers – FHA is one of the few programs that allow non-occupant co-borrowers. While a non-occupant co-borrower cannot help in scenarios where a buyer has a low score and cannot qualify on their own, it is a great solution for buyers who have low income or income that can’t be documented.

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