FHA, VA, USDA Loans are available in the following zip codes in Kentucky

 Aberdeen-KY-42201.html  28-Aug-2006 12:17    44k  
[TXT] Adairville-KY-42202...> 28-Aug-2006 12:17    44k  
[TXT] Adams-KY-41201.html     28-Aug-2006 12:17    44k  
[TXT] Adolphus-KY-42120.html  28-Aug-2006 12:17    44k  
[TXT] Ages-Brookside-KY-40..> 28-Aug-2006 12:17    44k  
[TXT] Albany-KY-42602.html    28-Aug-2006 12:17    44k  
[TXT] Alexandria-KY-41001...> 28-Aug-2006 12:17    44k  
[TXT] Allegre-KY-42203.html   28-Aug-2006 12:17    44k  
[TXT] Allen-KY-41601.html     28-Aug-2006 12:17    44k  
[TXT] Allensville-KY-42204..> 28-Aug-2006 12:17    44k  
[TXT] Almo-KY-42020.html      28-Aug-2006 12:17    44k  
[TXT] Alpha-KY-42603.html     28-Aug-2006 12:17    44k  
[TXT] Alvaton-KY-42122.html   28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Annville-KY-40402.html  28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Argillite-KY-41121.html 28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Arjay-KY-40902.html     28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Arlington-KY-42021.html 28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Artemus-KY-40903.html   28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Ary-KY-41712.html       28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Ashcamp-KY-41512.html   28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Asher-KY-40803.html     28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Ashland-KY-41101.html   28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Ashland-KY-41102.html   28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Ashland-KY-41105.html   28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Ashland-KY-41114.html   28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Athol-KY-41307.html     28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Auburn-KY-42206.html    28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Augusta-KY-41002.html   28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Austin-KY-42123.html    28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Auxier-KY-41602.html    28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Avawam-KY-41713.html    28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Bagdad-KY-40003.html    28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Bakerton-KY-42711.html  28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Bandana-KY-42022.html   28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Banner-KY-41603.html    28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Barbourville-KY-4090..> 28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Bardstown-KY-40004.html 28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Bardwell-KY-42023.html  28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Barlow-KY-42024.html    28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Baskett-KY-42402.html   28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Battletown-KY-40104...> 28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Baxter-KY-40806.html    28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Bays-KY-41310.html      28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Bear-Branch-KY-41714..> 28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Beattyville-KY-41311..> 28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Beaumont-KY-42124.html  28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Beauty-KY-41203.html    28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Beaver-Dam-KY-42320...> 28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Beaver-KY-41604.html    28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Bedford-KY-40006.html   28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Bee-Spring-KY-42207...> 28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Beech-Creek-KY-42321..> 28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Beech-Grove-KY-42322..> 28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Beechmont-KY-42323.html 28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Belcher-KY-41513.html   28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Belfry-KY-41514.html    28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Bellevue-KY-41073.html  28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Belton-KY-42324.html    28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Benham-KY-40807.html    28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Benton-KY-42025.html    28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Berea-KY-40403.html     28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Berea-KY-40404.html     28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Berry-KY-41003.html     28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Bethany-KY-41313.html   28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Bethelridge-KY-42516..> 28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Bethlehem-KY-40007.html 28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Betsy-Layne-KY-41605..> 28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Beverly-KY-40913.html   28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Bevinsville-KY-41606..> 28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Big-Clifty-KY-42712...> 28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Big-Creek-KY-40914.html 28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Big-Laurel-KY-40808...> 28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Bighill-KY-40405.html   28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Bimble-KY-40915.html    28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Blackey-KY-41804.html   28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Blackford-KY-42403.html 28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Blaine-KY-41124.html    28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Bledsoe-KY-40810.html   28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Bloomfield-KY-40008...> 28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Blue-River-KY-41607...> 28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Boaz-KY-42027.html      28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Bonnieville-KY-42713..> 28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Bonnyman-KY-41719.html  28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Booneville-KY-41314...> 28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Boons-Camp-KY-41204...> 28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Boston-KY-40107.html    28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Bowling-Green-KY-421..> 28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Bowling-Green-KY-421..> 28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Bowling-Green-KY-421..> 28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Bowling-Green-KY-421..> 28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Bradfordsville-KY-40..> 28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Brandenburg-KY-40108..> 28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Breeding-KY-42715.html  28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Bremen-KY-42325.html    28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Brodhead-KY-40409.html  28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Bronston-KY-42518.html  28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Brooklyn-KY-42209.html  28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Brooks-KY-40109.html    28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Brooksville-KY-41004..> 28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Browder-KY-42326.html   28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Brownsville-KY-42210..> 28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Bryants-Store-KY-409..> 28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Bryantsville-KY-4041..> 28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Buckhorn-KY-41721.html  28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Buckner-KY-40010.html   28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Buffalo-KY-42716.html   28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Bulan-KY-41722.html     28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Burdine-KY-41517.html   28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Burgin-KY-40310.html    28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Burkesville-KY-42717..> 28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Burlington-KY-41005...> 28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Burna-KY-42028.html     28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Burnside-KY-42519.html  28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Bush-KY-40724.html      28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Busy-KY-41723.html      28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Butler-KY-41006.html    28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Bypro-KY-41612.html     28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Cadiz-KY-42211.html     28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Calhoun-KY-42327.html   28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] California-KY-41007...> 28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Calvert-City-KY-4202..> 28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Calvin-KY-40813.html    28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Camp-Dix-KY-41127.html  28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Campbellsburg-KY-400..> 28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Campbellsville-KY-42..> 28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Campbellsville-KY-42..> 28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Campton-KY-41301.html   28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Canada-KY-41519.html    28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Cane-Valley-KY-42720..> 28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Caneyville-KY-42721...> 28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Canmer-KY-42722.html    28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Cannel-City-KY-41408..> 28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Cannon-KY-40923.html    28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Carlisle-KY-40311.html  28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Carrie-KY-41725.html    28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Carrollton-KY-41008...> 28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Carter-KY-41128.html    28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Catlettsburg-KY-4112..> 28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Cave-City-KY-42127.html 28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Cawood-KY-40815.html    28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Cecilia-KY-42724.html   28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Center-KY-42214.html    28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Centertown-KY-42328...> 28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Central-City-KY-4233..> 28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Cerulean-KY-42215.html  28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Chaplin-KY-40012.html   28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Chappell-KY-40816.html  28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Chavies-KY-41727.html   28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Cisco-KY-41410.html     28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Clarkson-KY-42726.html  28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Clay-City-KY-40312.html 28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Clay-KY-42404.html      28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Clayhole-KY-41317.html  28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Clearfield-KY-40313...> 28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Cleaton-KY-42332.html   28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Clermont-KY-40110.html  28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Clifty-KY-42216.html    28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Clinton-KY-42031.html   28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Closplint-KY-40927.html 28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Cloverport-KY-40111...> 28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Coalgood-KY-40818.html  28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Coldiron-KY-40819.html  28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Columbia-KY-42728.html  28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Columbus-KY-42032.html  28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Combs-KY-41729.html     28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Confluence-KY-41730...> 28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Corbin-KY-40701.html    28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Corbin-KY-40702.html    28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Corinth-KY-41010.html   28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Cornettsville-KY-417..> 28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Corydon-KY-42406.html   28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Covington-KY-41011.html 28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Covington-KY-41012.html 28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Covington-KY-41014.html 28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Covington-KY-41016.html 28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Covington-KY-41019.html 28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Coxs-Creek-KY-40013...> 28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Crab-Orchard-KY-4041..> 28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Cranks-KY-40820.html    28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Crayne-KY-42033.html    28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Crestwood-KY-40014.html 28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Crittenden-KY-41030...> 28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Crockett-KY-41413.html  28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Crofton-KY-42217.html   28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Cromona-KY-41810.html   28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Cromwell-KY-42333.html  28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Cub-Run-KY-42729.html   28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Cumberland-KY-40823...> 28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Cunningham-KY-42035...> 28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Curdsville-KY-42334...> 28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Custer-KY-40115.html    28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Cynthiana-KY-41031.html 28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Dabolt-KY-40421.html    28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Dana-KY-41615.html      28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Danville-KY-40422.html  28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Danville-KY-40423.html  28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] David-KY-41616.html     28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Dawson-Springs-KY-42..> 28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Dayhoit-KY-40824.html   28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Dayton-KY-41074.html    28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] De-Mossville-KY-4103..> 28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Deane-KY-41812.html     28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Debord-KY-41214.html    28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Delphia-KY-41735.html   28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Dema-KY-41859.html      28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Denniston-KY-40316.html 28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Denton-KY-41132.html    28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Denver-KY-41215.html    28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Dewitt-KY-40930.html    28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Dexter-KY-42036.html    28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Dice-KY-41736.html      28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Dixon-KY-42409.html     28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Dorton-KY-41520.html    28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Dover-KY-41034.html     28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Drake-KY-42128.html     28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Drakesboro-KY-42337...> 28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Drift-KY-41619.html     28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Dry-Ridge-KY-41035.html 28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Dubre-KY-42731.html     28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Dunbar-KY-42219.html    28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Dundee-KY-42338.html    28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Dunmor-KY-42339.html    28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Dunnville-KY-42528.html 28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Dwale-KY-41621.html     28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Dwarf-KY-41739.html     28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Dycusburg-KY-42037.html 28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Earlington-KY-42410...> 28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] East-Bernstadt-KY-40..> 28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] East-Point-KY-41216...> 28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Eastern-KY-41622.html   28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Eastview-KY-42732.html  28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Eastwood-KY-40018.html  28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Eddyville-KY-42038.html 28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Edmonton-KY-42129.html  28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Edna-KY-41419.html      28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Eighty-Eight-KY-4213..> 28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Ekron-KY-40117.html     28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Elizabethtown-KY-427..> 28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Elizabethtown-KY-427..> 28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Elizaville-KY-41037...> 28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Elk-Horn-KY-42733.html  28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Elkfork-KY-41421.html   28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Elkhorn-City-KY-4152..> 28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Elkton-KY-42220.html    28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Elliottville-KY-4031..> 28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Elsie-KY-41422.html     28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Emerson-KY-41135.html   28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Eminence-KY-40019.html  28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Emlyn-KY-40730.html     28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Emmalena-KY-41740.html  28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Eolia-KY-40826.html     28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Eriline-KY-40931.html   28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Erlanger-KY-41018.html  28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Ermine-KY-41815.html    28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Essie-KY-40827.html     28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Etoile-KY-42131.html    28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Eubank-KY-42567.html    28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Evarts-KY-40828.html    28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Ewing-KY-41039.html     28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Ezel-KY-41425.html      28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Fairdale-KY-40118.html  28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Fairfield-KY-40020.html 28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Fairplay-KY-42735.html  28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Fairview-KY-42221.html  28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Falcon-KY-41426.html    28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Fall-Rock-KY-40932.html 28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Falls-Of-Rough-KY-40..> 28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Falmouth-KY-41040.html  28-Aug-2006 12:28    44k  
[TXT] Fancy-Farm-KY-42039...> 28-Aug-2006 12:28    44k  
[TXT] Farmers-KY-40319.html   28-Aug-2006 12:28    44k  
[TXT] Farmington-KY-42040...> 28-Aug-2006 12:28    44k  
[TXT] Fedscreek-KY-41524.html 26-Aug-2006 20:39    43k  
[TXT] Ferguson-KY-42533.html  26-Aug-2006 20:39    43k  
[TXT] Finchville-KY-40022...> 26-Aug-2006 20:39    43k  
[TXT] Firebrick-KY-41137.html 26-Aug-2006 20:39    43k  
[TXT] Fisherville-KY-40023..> 26-Aug-2006 20:39    43k  
[TXT] Fisty-KY-41743.html     26-Aug-2006 20:39    43k  
[TXT] Flat-Lick-KY-40935.html 26-Aug-2006 20:39    43k  
[TXT] Flatgap-KY-41219.html   26-Aug-2006 20:39    43k  
[TXT] Flatwoods-KY-41139.html 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Flemingsburg-KY-4104..> 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Florence-KY-41022.html  26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Florence-KY-41042.html  26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Ford-KY-40320.html      26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Fords-Branch-KY-4152..> 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Fordsville-KY-42343...> 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Forest-Hills-KY-4152..> 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Fort-Campbell-KY-422..> 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Fort-Knox-KY-40121.html 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Fort-Thomas-KY-41075..> 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Foster-KY-41043.html    26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Fountain-Run-KY-4213..> 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Fourmile-KY-40939.html  26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Frakes-KY-40940.html    26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Frankfort-KY-40601.html 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Frankfort-KY-40602.html 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Frankfort-KY-40603.html 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Frankfort-KY-40604.html 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Frankfort-KY-40618.html 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Frankfort-KY-40619.html 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Frankfort-KY-40620.html 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Frankfort-KY-40621.html 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Frankfort-KY-40622.html 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Franklin-KY-42134.html  26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Franklin-KY-42135.html  26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Fredonia-KY-42411.html  26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Freeburn-KY-41528.html  26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Frenchburg-KY-40322...> 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Ft-Mitchell-KY-41017..> 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Fulton-KY-42041.html    26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Gamaliel-KY-42140.html  26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Gapville-KY-41433.html  26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Garfield-KY-40140.html  26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Garner-KY-41817.html    26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Garrard-KY-40941.html   26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Garrett-KY-41630.html   26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Garrison-KY-41141.html  26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Gays-Creek-KY-41745...> 26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Georgetown-KY-40324...> 26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Germantown-KY-41044...> 26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Ghent-KY-41045.html     26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Gilbertsville-KY-420..> 26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Girdler-KY-40943.html   26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Glasgow-KY-42141.html   26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Glasgow-KY-42142.html   26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Glencoe-KY-41046.html   26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Glendale-KY-42740.html  26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Glens-Fork-KY-42741...> 26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Glenview-KY-40025.html  26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Goose-Rock-KY-40944...> 26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Gordon-KY-41819.html    26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Goshen-KY-40026.html    26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Gracey-KY-42232.html    26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Gradyville-KY-42742...> 26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Graham-KY-42344.html    26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Grahn-KY-41142.html     26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Grand-Rivers-KY-4204..> 26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Gravel-Switch-KY-403..> 26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Gray-Hawk-KY-40434.html 26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Gray-KY-40734.html      26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Grays-Knob-KY-40829...> 26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Grayson-KY-41143.html   26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Green-Road-KY-40946...> 26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Greensburg-KY-42743...> 26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Greenup-KY-41144.html   26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Greenville-KY-42345...> 26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Grethel-KY-41631.html   26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Gulston-KY-40830.html   26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Gunlock-KY-41632.html   26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Guston-KY-40142.html    26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Guthrie-KY-42234.html   26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Hadley-KY-42235.html    26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Hagerhill-KY-41222.html 26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Haldeman-KY-40329.html  26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Halfway-KY-42150.html   26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Hallie-KY-41821.html    26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Hamlin-KY-42046.html    26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Hampton-KY-42047.html   26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Hanson-KY-42413.html    26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Happy-KY-41746.html     26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Hardburly-KY-41747.html 26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Hardin-KY-42048.html    26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Hardinsburg-KY-40143..> 26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Hardy-KY-41531.html     26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Hardyville-KY-42746...> 26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Harlan-KY-40831.html    26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Harned-KY-40144.html    26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Harold-KY-41635.html    26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Harrods-Creek-KY-400..> 26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Harrodsburg-KY-40330..> 26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Hartford-KY-42347.html  26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Hawesville-KY-42348...> 26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Hazard-KY-41701.html    26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Hazard-KY-41702.html    26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Hazel-Green-KY-41332..> 26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Hazel-KY-42049.html     26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Hebron-KY-41048.html    26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Heidelberg-KY-41333...> 26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Heidrick-KY-40949.html  26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hellier-KY-41534.html   26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Helton-KY-40840.html    26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Henderson-KY-42419.html 26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Henderson-KY-42420.html 26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Herndon-KY-42236.html   26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hestand-KY-42151.html   26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hi-Hat-KY-41636.html    26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hickman-KY-42050.html   26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hickory-KY-42051.html   26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hillsboro-KY-41049.html 26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hillview-KY-40129.html  26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hima-KY-40951.html      26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hindman-KY-41822.html   26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hinkle-KY-40953.html    26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hiseville-KY-42152.html 26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hitchins-KY-41146.html  26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hodgenville-KY-42748..> 26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Holland-KY-42153.html   26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Holmes-Mill-KY-40843..> 26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hope-KY-40334.html      26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hopkinsville-KY-4224..> 26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hopkinsville-KY-4224..> 26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Horse-Branch-KY-4234..> 26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Horse-Cave-KY-42749...> 26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hoskinston-KY-40844...> 26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Huddy-KY-41535.html     26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hudson-KY-40145.html    26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hueysville-KY-41640...> 26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hulen-KY-40845.html     26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Huntsville-KY-42251...> 26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hustonville-KY-40437..> 26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Hyden-KY-41749.html     26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Independence-KY-4105..> 26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Inez-KY-41224.html      26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Ingram-KY-40955.html    26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Irvine-KY-40336.html    26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Irvington-KY-40146.html 26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Island-City-KY-41338..> 26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Island-KY-42350.html    26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Isom-KY-41824.html      26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Isonville-KY-41149.html 26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Ivel-KY-41642.html      26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Ivyton-KY-41444.html    26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Jackhorn-KY-41825.html  26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Jackson-KY-41339.html   26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Jacobs-KY-41150.html    26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Jamestown-KY-42629.html 26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Jeff-KY-41751.html      26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Jeffersonville-KY-40..> 26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Jenkins-KY-41537.html   26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Jeremiah-KY-41826.html  26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Jetson-KY-42252.html    26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Jonancy-KY-41538.html   26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Jonesville-KY-41052...> 26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Junction-City-KY-404..> 26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Keaton-KY-41226.html    26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Keavy-KY-40737.html     26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Keene-KY-40339.html     26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Kenton-KY-41053.html    26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Kenvir-KY-40847.html    26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Kettle-Island-KY-409..> 26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Kevil-KY-42053.html     26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Kimper-KY-41539.html    26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Kings-Mountain-KY-40..> 26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Kirksey-KY-42054.html   26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Kite-KY-41828.html      26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Knifley-KY-42753.html   26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Knob-Lick-KY-42154.html 26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Krypton-KY-41754.html   26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Kuttawa-KY-42055.html   26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] La-Center-KY-42056.html 26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] La-Fayette-KY-42254...> 26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] La-Grange-KY-40031.html 26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] La-Grange-KY-40032.html 26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Lackey-KY-41643.html    26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Lancaster-KY-40444.html 26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Lancaster-KY-40446.html 26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Langley-KY-41645.html   26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Latonia-KY-41015.html   26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Lawrenceburg-KY-4034..> 26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Leander-KY-41228.html   26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Lebanon-Junction-KY-..> 26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Lebanon-KY-40033.html   26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Leburn-KY-41831.html    26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Ledbetter-KY-42058.html 26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Lee-City-KY-41342.html  26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Leitchfield-KY-42754..> 26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Leitchfield-KY-42755..> 26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Lejunior-KY-40849.html  26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Lerose-KY-41344.html    26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Letcher-KY-41832.html   26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Lewisburg-KY-42256.html 26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Lewisport-KY-42351.html 26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40502.html 26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40503.html 26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40504.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40505.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40506.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40507.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40508.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40509.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40510.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40511.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40512.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40513.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40514.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40515.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40516.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40517.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40522.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40523.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40524.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40526.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40533.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40536.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40544.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40546.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40550.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40555.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40574.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40575.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40576.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40577.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40578.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40579.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40580.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40581.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40582.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40583.html 26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40584.html 26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40585.html 26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40586.html 26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40587.html 26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40588.html 26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40589.html 26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40590.html 26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40591.html 26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40592.html 26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40593.html 26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40594.html 26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40595.html 26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40596.html 26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Liberty-KY-42539.html   26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Lick-Creek-KY-41540...> 26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Lily-KY-40740.html      26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Lindseyville-KY-4225..> 26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Linefork-KY-41833.html  26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Littcarr-KY-41834.html  26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Livermore-KY-42352.html 26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Livingston-KY-40445...> 26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Lloyd-KY-41156.html     26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Lockport-KY-40036.html  26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] London-KY-40741.html    26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] London-KY-40742.html    26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] London-KY-40743.html    26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] London-KY-40744.html    26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] London-KY-40745.html    26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] London-KY-40746.html    26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] London-KY-40747.html    26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] London-KY-40748.html    26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Lone-KY-41347.html      26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Lookout-KY-41542.html   26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Loretto-KY-40037.html   26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Lost-Creek-KY-41348...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisa-KY-41230.html    26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40201...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40202...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40203...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40204...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40205...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40206...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40207...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40208...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40209...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40210...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40211...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40212...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40213...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40214...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40215...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40216...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40217...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40218...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40219...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40220...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40221...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40222...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40223...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40224...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40225...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40228...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40229...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40231...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40232...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40233...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40241...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40242...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40243...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40245...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40250...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40251...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40252...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40253...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40255...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40256...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40257...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40258...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40259...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40261...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40266...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40268...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40269...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40270...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40272...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40280...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40281...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40282...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40283...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40285...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40287...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40289...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40290...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40291...> 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40292...> 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40293...> 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40294...> 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40295...> 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40296...> 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40297...> 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40298...> 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40299...> 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Lovelaceville-KY-420..> 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Lovely-KY-41231.html    26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Lowes-KY-42061.html     26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Lowmansville-KY-4123..> 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Loyall-KY-40854.html    26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Lucas-KY-42156.html     26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Lynch-KY-40855.html     26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Lynnville-KY-42063.html 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Maceo-KY-42355.html     26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Mackville-KY-40040.html 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Madisonville-KY-4243..> 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Magnolia-KY-42757.html  26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Majestic-KY-41547.html  26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Mallie-KY-41836.html    26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Malone-KY-41451.html    26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Mammoth-Cave-KY-4225..> 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Manchester-KY-40962...> 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Manitou-KY-42436.html   26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Mannsville-KY-42758...> 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Maple-Mount-KY-42356..> 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Marion-KY-42064.html    26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Marrowbone-KY-42759...> 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Marshes-Siding-KY-42..> 26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Martha-KY-41159.html    26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Martin-KY-41649.html    26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Mary-Alice-KY-40964...> 26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Marydell-KY-40751.html  26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Mason-KY-41054.html     26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Masonic-Home-KY-4004..> 26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Mayfield-KY-42066.html  26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Mayking-KY-41837.html   26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Mayslick-KY-41055.html  26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Maysville-KY-41056.html 26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Mazie-KY-41160.html     26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Mc-Andrews-KY-41543...> 26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Mc-Carr-KY-41544.html   26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Mc-Daniels-KY-40152...> 26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Mc-Dowell-KY-41647.html 26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Mc-Henry-KY-42354.html  26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Mc-Kee-KY-40447.html    26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Mc-Kinney-KY-40448.html 26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Mc-Quady-KY-40153.html  26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Mc-Roberts-KY-41835...> 26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Mc-Veigh-KY-41546.html  26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Meally-KY-41234.html    26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Means-KY-40346.html     26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Melber-KY-42069.html    26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Melbourne-KY-41059.html 26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Melvin-KY-41650.html    26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Middleburg-KY-42541...> 26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Middlesboro-KY-40965..> 26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Midway-KY-40347.html    26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Milburn-KY-42070.html   26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Milford-KY-41061.html   26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Mill-Springs-KY-4263..> 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Millersburg-KY-40348..> 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Millstone-KY-41838.html 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Milltown-KY-42761.html  26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Millwood-KY-42762.html  26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Milton-KY-40045.html    26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Minerva-KY-41062.html   26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Minnie-KY-41651.html    26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Miracle-KY-40856.html   26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Mistletoe-KY-41351.html 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Mitchellsburg-KY-404..> 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Mize-KY-41352.html      26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Monticello-KY-42633...> 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Moorefield-KY-40350...> 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Morehead-KY-40351.html  26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Morganfield-KY-42437..> 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Morgantown-KY-42261...> 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Morning-View-KY-4106..> 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Mortons-Gap-KY-42440..> 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Mount-Eden-KY-40046...> 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Mount-Hermon-KY-4215..> 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Mount-Olivet-KY-4106..> 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Mount-Sherman-KY-427..> 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Mount-Sterling-KY-40..> 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Mount-Vernon-KY-4045..> 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Mount-Washington-KY-..> 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Mousie-KY-41839.html    26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Mouthcard-KY-41548.html 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Mozelle-KY-40858.html   26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Muldraugh-KY-40155.html 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Munfordville-KY-4276..> 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Murray-KY-42071.html    26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Muses-Mills-KY-41065..> 26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Myra-KY-41549.html      26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Nancy-KY-42544.html     26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Nazareth-KY-40048.html  26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Nebo-KY-42441.html      26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Neon-KY-41840.html      26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Nerinx-KY-40049.html    26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Nevisdale-KY-40754.html 26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] New-Castle-KY-40050...> 26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] New-Concord-KY-42076..> 26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] New-Haven-KY-40051.html 26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] New-Hope-KY-40052.html  26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] New-Liberty-KY-40355..> 26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Newport-KY-41071.html   26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Newport-KY-41072.html   26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Newport-KY-41076.html   26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Newport-KY-41099.html   26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Nicholasville-KY-403..> 26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Nicholasville-KY-403..> 26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] North-Middletown-KY-..> 26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Nortonville-KY-42442..> 26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Oak-Grove-KY-42262.html 26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Oakland-KY-42159.html   26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Oil-Springs-KY-41238..> 26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Olaton-KY-42361.html    26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Olive-Hill-KY-41164...> 26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Olmstead-KY-42265.html  26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Olympia-KY-40358.html   26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Oneida-KY-40972.html    26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Ophir-KY-41459.html     26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Orlando-KY-40460.html   26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Owensboro-KY-42301.html 26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Owensboro-KY-42302.html 26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Owensboro-KY-42303.html 26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Owensboro-KY-42304.html 26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Owenton-KY-40359.html   26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Owingsville-KY-40360..> 26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Paducah-KY-42001.html   26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Paducah-KY-42002.html   26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Paducah-KY-42003.html   26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Paint-Lick-KY-40461...> 26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Paintsville-KY-41240..> 26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Paris-KY-40361.html     26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Paris-KY-40362.html     26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Park-City-KY-42160.html 26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Parkers-Lake-KY-4263..> 26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Parksville-KY-40464...> 26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Partridge-KY-40862.html 26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Pathfork-KY-40863.html  26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Payneville-KY-40157...> 26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Pellville-KY-42364.html 26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Pembroke-KY-42266.html  26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Pendleton-KY-40055.html 26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Penrod-KY-42365.html    26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Peoples-KY-40467.html   26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Perry-Park-KY-40363...> 26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Perryville-KY-40468...> 26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Petersburg-KY-41080...> 26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Pewee-Valley-KY-4005..> 26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Phelps-KY-41553.html    26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Philpot-KY-42366.html   26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Phyllis-KY-41554.html   26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Pikeville-KY-41501.html 26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Pikeville-KY-41502.html 26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Pilgrim-KY-41250.html   26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Pine-Knot-KY-42635.html 26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Pine-Ridge-KY-41360...> 26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Pine-Top-KY-41843.html  26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Pineville-KY-40977.html 26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Pinsonfork-KY-41555...> 26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Pippa-Passes-KY-4184..> 26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Pittsburg-KY-40755.html 26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Pleasureville-KY-400..> 26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Plummers-Landing-KY-..> 26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Poole-KY-42444.html     26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Port-Royal-KY-40058...> 26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Powderly-KY-42367.html  26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Premium-KY-41845.html   26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Preston-KY-40366.html   26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Prestonsburg-KY-4165..> 26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Primrose-KY-41362.html  26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Princeton-KY-42445.html 26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Printer-KY-41655.html   26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Prospect-KY-40059.html  26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Providence-KY-42450...> 26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Provo-KY-42267.html     26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Putney-KY-40865.html    26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Quincy-KY-41166.html    26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Raccoon-KY-41557.html   26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Radcliff-KY-40159.html  26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Radcliff-KY-40160.html  26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Ransom-KY-41558.html    26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Raven-KY-41861.html     26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Ravenna-KY-40472.html   26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Raywick-KY-40060.html   26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Redfox-KY-41847.html    26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Reed-KY-42451.html      26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Regina-KY-41559.html    26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Renfro-Valley-KY-404..> 26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Revelo-KY-42638.html    26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Reynolds-Station-KY-..> 26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Rhodelia-KY-40161.html  26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Ricetown-KY-41364.html  26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Richardsville-KY-422..> 26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Richmond-KY-40475.html  26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Richmond-KY-40476.html  26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Rineyville-KY-40162...> 26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] River-KY-41254.html     26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Roark-KY-40979.html     26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Robards-KY-42452.html   26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Robinson-Creek-KY-41..> 26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Rochester-KY-42273.html 26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Rockfield-KY-42274.html 26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Rockholds-KY-40759.html 26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Rockhouse-KY-41561.html 26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Rockport-KY-42369.html  26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Rocky-Hill-KY-42163...> 26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Rogers-KY-41365.html    26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Rosine-KY-42370.html    26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Roundhill-KY-42275.html 26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Rousseau-KY-41366.html  26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Rowdy-KY-41367.html     26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Roxana-KY-41848.html    26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Royalton-KY-41464.html  26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Rumsey-KY-42371.html    26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Rush-KY-41168.html      26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Russell-KY-41169.html   26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Russell-Springs-KY-4..> 26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Russellville-KY-4227..> 26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Sacramento-KY-42372...> 26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Sadieville-KY-40370...> 26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Saint-Catharine-KY-4..> 26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Saint-Charles-KY-424..> 26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Saint-Francis-KY-400..> 26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Saint-Helens-KY-4136..> 26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Saint-Mary-KY-40063...> 26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Saint-Paul-KY-41170...> 26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Salem-KY-42078.html     26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Salt-Lick-KY-40371.html 26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Salvisa-KY-40372.html   26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Salyersville-KY-4146..> 26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Sanders-KY-41083.html   26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Sandgap-KY-40481.html   26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Sandy-Hook-KY-41171...> 26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Sassafras-KY-41759.html 26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Saul-KY-40981.html      26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Scalf-KY-40982.html     26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Science-Hill-KY-4255..> 26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Scottsville-KY-42164..> 26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Scuddy-KY-41760.html    26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Se-Ree-KY-40164.html    26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Sebree-KY-42455.html    26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Seco-KY-41849.html      26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Sedalia-KY-42079.html   26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Sextons-Creek-KY-409..> 26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Sharon-Grove-KY-4228..> 26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Sharpsburg-KY-40374...> 26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Shelbiana-KY-41562.html 26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Shelby-Gap-KY-41563...> 26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Shelbyville-KY-40065..> 26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Shelbyville-KY-40066..> 26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Shepherdsville-KY-40..> 26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Sidney-KY-41564.html    26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Siler-KY-40763.html     26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Silver-Grove-KY-4108..> 26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Simpsonville-KY-4006..> 26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Sitka-KY-41255.html     26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Sizerock-KY-41762.html  26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Slade-KY-40376.html     26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Slaughters-KY-42456...> 26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Slemp-KY-41763.html     26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Smilax-KY-41764.html    26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Smith-Mills-KY-42457..> 26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Smithfield-KY-40068...> 26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Smithland-KY-42081.html 26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Smiths-Grove-KY-4217..> 26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Soldier-KY-41173.html   26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Somerset-KY-42501.html  26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Somerset-KY-42502.html  26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Somerset-KY-42503.html  26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Sonora-KY-42776.html    26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] South-Carrollton-KY-..> 26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] South-Portsmouth-KY-..> 26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] South-Shore-KY-41175..> 26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] South-Union-KY-42283..> 26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] South-Williamson-KY-..> 26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Sparta-KY-41086.html    26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Spottsville-KY-42458..> 26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Springfield-KY-40069..> 26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Staffordsville-KY-41..> 26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Stambaugh-KY-41257.html 26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Stamping-Ground-KY-4..> 26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Stanford-KY-40484.html  26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Stanley-KY-42375.html   26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Stanton-KY-40380.html   26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Stanville-KY-41659.html 26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Stearns-KY-42647.html   26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Steele-KY-41566.html    26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Stephensport-KY-4017..> 26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Stinnett-KY-40868.html  26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Stone-KY-41567.html     26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Stoney-Fork-KY-40988..> 26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Stopover-KY-41568.html  26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Strunk-KY-42649.html    26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Sturgis-KY-42459.html   26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Sullivan-KY-42460.html  26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Sulphur-KY-40070.html   26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Summer-Shade-KY-4216..> 26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Summersville-KY-4278..> 26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Summit-KY-42783.html    26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Sweeden-KY-42285.html   26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Symsonia-KY-42082.html  26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Talbert-KY-41377.html   26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Tateville-KY-42558.html 26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Taylorsville-KY-4007..> 26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Teaberry-KY-41660.html  26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Thelma-KY-41260.html    26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Thornton-KY-41855.html  26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Thousandsticks-KY-41..> 26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Tiline-KY-42083.html    26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Toler-KY-41569.html     26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Tollesboro-KY-41189...> 26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Tolu-KY-42084.html      26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Tomahawk-KY-41262.html  26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Tompkinsville-KY-421..> 26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Topmost-KY-41862.html   26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Totz-KY-40870.html      26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Tram-KY-41663.html      26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Trenton-KY-42286.html   26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Trosper-KY-40995.html   26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Turners-Station-KY-4..> 26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Tutor-Key-KY-41263.html 26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Tyner-KY-40486.html     26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Ulysses-KY-41264.html   26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Union-KY-41091.html     26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Union-Star-KY-40171...> 26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Uniontown-KY-42461.html 26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Upton-KY-42784.html     26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Utica-KY-42376.html     26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Van-Lear-KY-41265.html  26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Vanceburg-KY-41179.html 26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Vancleve-KY-41385.html  26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Varney-KY-41571.html    26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Verona-KY-41092.html    26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Versailles-KY-40383...> 26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Versailles-KY-40384...> 26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Versailles-KY-40386...> 26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Vest-KY-41772.html      26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Vicco-KY-41773.html     26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Vincent-KY-41386.html   26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Vine-Grove-KY-40175...> 26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Viper-KY-41774.html     26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Virgie-KY-41572.html    26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Waco-KY-40385.html      26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Waddy-KY-40076.html     26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Walker-KY-40997.html    26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Wallingford-KY-41093..> 26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Wallins-Creek-KY-408..> 26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Walton-KY-41094.html    26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Waneta-KY-40488.html    26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Warbranch-KY-40874.html 26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Warfield-KY-41267.html  26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Warsaw-KY-41095.html    26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Washington-KY-41096...> 26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Water-Valley-KY-4208..> 26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Waterview-KY-42786.html 26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Waverly-KY-42462.html   26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Wayland-KY-41666.html   26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Waynesburg-KY-40489...> 26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Webbville-KY-41180.html 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Webster-KY-40176.html   26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Weeksbury-KY-41667.html 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Welchs-Creek-KY-4228..> 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Wellington-KY-40387...> 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Wendover-KY-41775.html  26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] West-Liberty-KY-4147..> 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] West-Louisville-KY-4..> 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] West-Paducah-KY-4208..> 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] West-Point-KY-40177...> 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] West-Somerset-KY-425..> 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] West-Van-Lear-KY-412..> 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Westport-KY-40077.html  26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Westview-KY-40178.html  26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Wheatcroft-KY-42463...> 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Wheelwright-KY-41669..> 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Whick-KY-41390.html     26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] White-Mills-KY-42788..> 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] White-Plains-KY-4246..> 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Whitesburg-KY-41858...> 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Whitesville-KY-42378..> 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Whitley-City-KY-4265..> 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Wickliffe-KY-42087.html 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Wildie-KY-40492.html    26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Willard-KY-41181.html   26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Williamsburg-KY-4076..> 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Williamsport-KY-4127..> 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Williamstown-KY-4109..> 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Willisburg-KY-40078...> 26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Wilmore-KY-40390.html   26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Winchester-KY-40391...> 26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Winchester-KY-40392...> 26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Windsor-KY-42565.html   26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Wingo-KY-42088.html     26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Winston-KY-40495.html   26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Wittensville-KY-4127..> 26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Woodbine-KY-40771.html  26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Woodburn-KY-42170.html  26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Woodbury-KY-42288.html  26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Woollum-KY-40999.html   26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Wooton-KY-41776.html    26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Worthington-KY-41183..> 26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Worthville-KY-41098...> 26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Wrigley-KY-41477.html   26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Yeaddiss-KY-41777.html  26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Yerkes-KY-41778.html    26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Yosemite-KY-42566.html  26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Zoe-KY-41397.html       26-Aug-2006 21:03    43kImage

John Boel investigates Louisville’s vacant home crisis

A WAVE 3 News investigation finds the vacant home problem has gone from an eyesore to a staggering public safety issue.

via John Boel investigates Louisville’s vacant home crisis.

Kentucky VA Loans

Kentucky VA Loans.

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