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The 23 Questions We Asked at Mortgage Pre-Approval


Source: The 23 Questions We Asked at Mortgage Pre-Approval


Kentucky Housing Down Payment Assistance for 2015 DAP funds for KY First Time Home Buyers

Kentucky Housing Down Payment Assistance for 2015 DAP funds for KY First Time Home Buyers.


Louisville Kentucky First Time Home Buyer Programs and Resources

Louisville Kentucky First Time home Buyers programs including, FHA, VA, KHC, and USDA, Rural Housing Zero Down home loans–Our site is updated daily for Louisville Kentucky first time home buyers with the best programs and rates

Louisville Kentucky First Time Home Buyer Programs and Resources

3 Types of Lending Approvals [Infographic].

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Kentucky Mortgage Resources to help save your home and get current on your mortgage


Approved Foreclosure Intervention/Default Counselors and Legal Aid Directory
Complete List of agencies, contact information, and the counties they serve

Better Business Bureau
The Better Business Bureau offers the “Reliability Report” which serves as a business report card.  Consumers are encouraged to check the report before they do business with an unfamiliar company.

Kentucky Attorney General
The state’s Attorney General protects consumers from crimes of all types.
Consumer protection:  (888) 432-9257
Identity theft:  (800) 804-7556

Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services
Food stamps, health care, Medicaid, child care assistance, child support, heating and utility assistance.

Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions
The state’s Department of Financial Institutions supervises the financial services industry.

Beginning January 1, 2009, all mortgagees shall provide the “Notification to Homeowners of the Kentucky Homeownership Protection Center” document to all Kentucky borrowers, as required by KRS 286.2-020. This form is available to download by going to http://www.kfi.ky.gov/nondepository/khpc.htm.

Consumers can call to check background and license status of their loan officer, file a complaint or to report fraud.
(502) 573-3390
(800) 223-2579


U.S. Department of Agriculture-Rural Development Office

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (Veterans Administration)

Fannie Mae
1-800-7FANNIE (1-800-732-6643)
Freddie Mac
Information on how to buy a home and avoid foreclosure as well as financial calculators and budgeting tools.

Calculators and tools: http://www.freddiemac.com/corporate/buyown/english/calcs_tools/

Federal Trade Commission
Consumer protection, information and complaint procedures.
1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357)
TTY: 1-866-653-4261
Main site: www.ftc.gov/
Credit repair facts: www.ftc.gov/bcp/conlin/pubs/credit/repair

National Foundation for Credit Counseling
Consumer debt advice

Annual Credit Reports

Credit reports, credit fraud protection and credit dispute information.

Credit reports, credit fraud protection and credit dispute information.

Credit reports, credit fraud protection and credit dispute information.

Internal Revenue Service
For Individuals: 1-800-829-1040
For Businesses: 1-800-829-4933
For Hearing Impaired: 1-800-829-4059 (TDD)
Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. local time (Alaska & Hawaii follow Pacific Time)


The Kentucky Homeownership Protection Center works with counseling agencies to provide foreclosure prevention and intervention counseling services to Kentucky residents. If you are in danger of foreclosure or need budgeting and credit help, contact the Protection Center. A representative will call you to schedule an appointment with a counselor in your area at no cost to you.

Dial 2-1-1
Some areas of Kentucky have 2-1-1 service which you can call for additional services. Where available, 2-1-1 can help locate the services you need including food, utilities, medical care, toiletries, household items, furniture and security deposits for rental units.

The Salvation Army
The Salvation Army may have funding available to assist homeowners who are behind on their mortgage payments. Visit the Salvation Army Web site to find a location near you.

Contact your church to find out if they have services available. Churches will often assist parishioners in need.Image

FHA, VA, USDA Loans are available in the following zip codes in Kentucky

 Aberdeen-KY-42201.html  28-Aug-2006 12:17    44k  
[TXT] Adairville-KY-42202...> 28-Aug-2006 12:17    44k  
[TXT] Adams-KY-41201.html     28-Aug-2006 12:17    44k  
[TXT] Adolphus-KY-42120.html  28-Aug-2006 12:17    44k  
[TXT] Ages-Brookside-KY-40..> 28-Aug-2006 12:17    44k  
[TXT] Albany-KY-42602.html    28-Aug-2006 12:17    44k  
[TXT] Alexandria-KY-41001...> 28-Aug-2006 12:17    44k  
[TXT] Allegre-KY-42203.html   28-Aug-2006 12:17    44k  
[TXT] Allen-KY-41601.html     28-Aug-2006 12:17    44k  
[TXT] Allensville-KY-42204..> 28-Aug-2006 12:17    44k  
[TXT] Almo-KY-42020.html      28-Aug-2006 12:17    44k  
[TXT] Alpha-KY-42603.html     28-Aug-2006 12:17    44k  
[TXT] Alvaton-KY-42122.html   28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Annville-KY-40402.html  28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Argillite-KY-41121.html 28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Arjay-KY-40902.html     28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Arlington-KY-42021.html 28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Artemus-KY-40903.html   28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Ary-KY-41712.html       28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Ashcamp-KY-41512.html   28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Asher-KY-40803.html     28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Ashland-KY-41101.html   28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Ashland-KY-41102.html   28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Ashland-KY-41105.html   28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Ashland-KY-41114.html   28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Athol-KY-41307.html     28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Auburn-KY-42206.html    28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Augusta-KY-41002.html   28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Austin-KY-42123.html    28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Auxier-KY-41602.html    28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Avawam-KY-41713.html    28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Bagdad-KY-40003.html    28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Bakerton-KY-42711.html  28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Bandana-KY-42022.html   28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Banner-KY-41603.html    28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Barbourville-KY-4090..> 28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Bardstown-KY-40004.html 28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Bardwell-KY-42023.html  28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Barlow-KY-42024.html    28-Aug-2006 12:18    44k  
[TXT] Baskett-KY-42402.html   28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Battletown-KY-40104...> 28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Baxter-KY-40806.html    28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Bays-KY-41310.html      28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Bear-Branch-KY-41714..> 28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Beattyville-KY-41311..> 28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Beaumont-KY-42124.html  28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Beauty-KY-41203.html    28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Beaver-Dam-KY-42320...> 28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Beaver-KY-41604.html    28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Bedford-KY-40006.html   28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Bee-Spring-KY-42207...> 28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Beech-Creek-KY-42321..> 28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Beech-Grove-KY-42322..> 28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Beechmont-KY-42323.html 28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Belcher-KY-41513.html   28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Belfry-KY-41514.html    28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Bellevue-KY-41073.html  28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Belton-KY-42324.html    28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Benham-KY-40807.html    28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Benton-KY-42025.html    28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Berea-KY-40403.html     28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Berea-KY-40404.html     28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Berry-KY-41003.html     28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Bethany-KY-41313.html   28-Aug-2006 12:19    44k  
[TXT] Bethelridge-KY-42516..> 28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Bethlehem-KY-40007.html 28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Betsy-Layne-KY-41605..> 28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Beverly-KY-40913.html   28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Bevinsville-KY-41606..> 28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Big-Clifty-KY-42712...> 28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Big-Creek-KY-40914.html 28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Big-Laurel-KY-40808...> 28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Bighill-KY-40405.html   28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Bimble-KY-40915.html    28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Blackey-KY-41804.html   28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Blackford-KY-42403.html 28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Blaine-KY-41124.html    28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Bledsoe-KY-40810.html   28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Bloomfield-KY-40008...> 28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Blue-River-KY-41607...> 28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Boaz-KY-42027.html      28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Bonnieville-KY-42713..> 28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Bonnyman-KY-41719.html  28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Booneville-KY-41314...> 28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Boons-Camp-KY-41204...> 28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Boston-KY-40107.html    28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Bowling-Green-KY-421..> 28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Bowling-Green-KY-421..> 28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Bowling-Green-KY-421..> 28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Bowling-Green-KY-421..> 28-Aug-2006 12:20    44k  
[TXT] Bradfordsville-KY-40..> 28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Brandenburg-KY-40108..> 28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Breeding-KY-42715.html  28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Bremen-KY-42325.html    28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Brodhead-KY-40409.html  28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Bronston-KY-42518.html  28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Brooklyn-KY-42209.html  28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Brooks-KY-40109.html    28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Brooksville-KY-41004..> 28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Browder-KY-42326.html   28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Brownsville-KY-42210..> 28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Bryants-Store-KY-409..> 28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Bryantsville-KY-4041..> 28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Buckhorn-KY-41721.html  28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Buckner-KY-40010.html   28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Buffalo-KY-42716.html   28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Bulan-KY-41722.html     28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Burdine-KY-41517.html   28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Burgin-KY-40310.html    28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Burkesville-KY-42717..> 28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Burlington-KY-41005...> 28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Burna-KY-42028.html     28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Burnside-KY-42519.html  28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Bush-KY-40724.html      28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Busy-KY-41723.html      28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Butler-KY-41006.html    28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Bypro-KY-41612.html     28-Aug-2006 12:21    44k  
[TXT] Cadiz-KY-42211.html     28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Calhoun-KY-42327.html   28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] California-KY-41007...> 28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Calvert-City-KY-4202..> 28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Calvin-KY-40813.html    28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Camp-Dix-KY-41127.html  28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Campbellsburg-KY-400..> 28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Campbellsville-KY-42..> 28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Campbellsville-KY-42..> 28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Campton-KY-41301.html   28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Canada-KY-41519.html    28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Cane-Valley-KY-42720..> 28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Caneyville-KY-42721...> 28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Canmer-KY-42722.html    28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Cannel-City-KY-41408..> 28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Cannon-KY-40923.html    28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Carlisle-KY-40311.html  28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Carrie-KY-41725.html    28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Carrollton-KY-41008...> 28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Carter-KY-41128.html    28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Catlettsburg-KY-4112..> 28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Cave-City-KY-42127.html 28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Cawood-KY-40815.html    28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Cecilia-KY-42724.html   28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Center-KY-42214.html    28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Centertown-KY-42328...> 28-Aug-2006 12:22    44k  
[TXT] Central-City-KY-4233..> 28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Cerulean-KY-42215.html  28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Chaplin-KY-40012.html   28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Chappell-KY-40816.html  28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Chavies-KY-41727.html   28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Cisco-KY-41410.html     28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Clarkson-KY-42726.html  28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Clay-City-KY-40312.html 28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Clay-KY-42404.html      28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Clayhole-KY-41317.html  28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Clearfield-KY-40313...> 28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Cleaton-KY-42332.html   28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Clermont-KY-40110.html  28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Clifty-KY-42216.html    28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Clinton-KY-42031.html   28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Closplint-KY-40927.html 28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Cloverport-KY-40111...> 28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Coalgood-KY-40818.html  28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Coldiron-KY-40819.html  28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Columbia-KY-42728.html  28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Columbus-KY-42032.html  28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Combs-KY-41729.html     28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Confluence-KY-41730...> 28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Corbin-KY-40701.html    28-Aug-2006 12:23    44k  
[TXT] Corbin-KY-40702.html    28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Corinth-KY-41010.html   28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Cornettsville-KY-417..> 28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Corydon-KY-42406.html   28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Covington-KY-41011.html 28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Covington-KY-41012.html 28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Covington-KY-41014.html 28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Covington-KY-41016.html 28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Covington-KY-41019.html 28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Coxs-Creek-KY-40013...> 28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Crab-Orchard-KY-4041..> 28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Cranks-KY-40820.html    28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Crayne-KY-42033.html    28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Crestwood-KY-40014.html 28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Crittenden-KY-41030...> 28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Crockett-KY-41413.html  28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Crofton-KY-42217.html   28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Cromona-KY-41810.html   28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Cromwell-KY-42333.html  28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Cub-Run-KY-42729.html   28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Cumberland-KY-40823...> 28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Cunningham-KY-42035...> 28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Curdsville-KY-42334...> 28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Custer-KY-40115.html    28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Cynthiana-KY-41031.html 28-Aug-2006 12:24    44k  
[TXT] Dabolt-KY-40421.html    28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Dana-KY-41615.html      28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Danville-KY-40422.html  28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Danville-KY-40423.html  28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] David-KY-41616.html     28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Dawson-Springs-KY-42..> 28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Dayhoit-KY-40824.html   28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Dayton-KY-41074.html    28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] De-Mossville-KY-4103..> 28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Deane-KY-41812.html     28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Debord-KY-41214.html    28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Delphia-KY-41735.html   28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Dema-KY-41859.html      28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Denniston-KY-40316.html 28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Denton-KY-41132.html    28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Denver-KY-41215.html    28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Dewitt-KY-40930.html    28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Dexter-KY-42036.html    28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Dice-KY-41736.html      28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Dixon-KY-42409.html     28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Dorton-KY-41520.html    28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Dover-KY-41034.html     28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Drake-KY-42128.html     28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Drakesboro-KY-42337...> 28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Drift-KY-41619.html     28-Aug-2006 12:25    44k  
[TXT] Dry-Ridge-KY-41035.html 28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Dubre-KY-42731.html     28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Dunbar-KY-42219.html    28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Dundee-KY-42338.html    28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Dunmor-KY-42339.html    28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Dunnville-KY-42528.html 28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Dwale-KY-41621.html     28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Dwarf-KY-41739.html     28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Dycusburg-KY-42037.html 28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Earlington-KY-42410...> 28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] East-Bernstadt-KY-40..> 28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] East-Point-KY-41216...> 28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Eastern-KY-41622.html   28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Eastview-KY-42732.html  28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Eastwood-KY-40018.html  28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Eddyville-KY-42038.html 28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Edmonton-KY-42129.html  28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Edna-KY-41419.html      28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Eighty-Eight-KY-4213..> 28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Ekron-KY-40117.html     28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Elizabethtown-KY-427..> 28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Elizabethtown-KY-427..> 28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Elizaville-KY-41037...> 28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Elk-Horn-KY-42733.html  28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Elkfork-KY-41421.html   28-Aug-2006 12:26    44k  
[TXT] Elkhorn-City-KY-4152..> 28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Elkton-KY-42220.html    28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Elliottville-KY-4031..> 28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Elsie-KY-41422.html     28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Emerson-KY-41135.html   28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Eminence-KY-40019.html  28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Emlyn-KY-40730.html     28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Emmalena-KY-41740.html  28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Eolia-KY-40826.html     28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Eriline-KY-40931.html   28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Erlanger-KY-41018.html  28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Ermine-KY-41815.html    28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Essie-KY-40827.html     28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Etoile-KY-42131.html    28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Eubank-KY-42567.html    28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Evarts-KY-40828.html    28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Ewing-KY-41039.html     28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Ezel-KY-41425.html      28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Fairdale-KY-40118.html  28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Fairfield-KY-40020.html 28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Fairplay-KY-42735.html  28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Fairview-KY-42221.html  28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Falcon-KY-41426.html    28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Fall-Rock-KY-40932.html 28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Falls-Of-Rough-KY-40..> 28-Aug-2006 12:27    44k  
[TXT] Falmouth-KY-41040.html  28-Aug-2006 12:28    44k  
[TXT] Fancy-Farm-KY-42039...> 28-Aug-2006 12:28    44k  
[TXT] Farmers-KY-40319.html   28-Aug-2006 12:28    44k  
[TXT] Farmington-KY-42040...> 28-Aug-2006 12:28    44k  
[TXT] Fedscreek-KY-41524.html 26-Aug-2006 20:39    43k  
[TXT] Ferguson-KY-42533.html  26-Aug-2006 20:39    43k  
[TXT] Finchville-KY-40022...> 26-Aug-2006 20:39    43k  
[TXT] Firebrick-KY-41137.html 26-Aug-2006 20:39    43k  
[TXT] Fisherville-KY-40023..> 26-Aug-2006 20:39    43k  
[TXT] Fisty-KY-41743.html     26-Aug-2006 20:39    43k  
[TXT] Flat-Lick-KY-40935.html 26-Aug-2006 20:39    43k  
[TXT] Flatgap-KY-41219.html   26-Aug-2006 20:39    43k  
[TXT] Flatwoods-KY-41139.html 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Flemingsburg-KY-4104..> 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Florence-KY-41022.html  26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Florence-KY-41042.html  26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Ford-KY-40320.html      26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Fords-Branch-KY-4152..> 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Fordsville-KY-42343...> 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Forest-Hills-KY-4152..> 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Fort-Campbell-KY-422..> 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Fort-Knox-KY-40121.html 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Fort-Thomas-KY-41075..> 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Foster-KY-41043.html    26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Fountain-Run-KY-4213..> 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Fourmile-KY-40939.html  26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Frakes-KY-40940.html    26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Frankfort-KY-40601.html 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Frankfort-KY-40602.html 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Frankfort-KY-40603.html 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Frankfort-KY-40604.html 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Frankfort-KY-40618.html 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Frankfort-KY-40619.html 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Frankfort-KY-40620.html 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Frankfort-KY-40621.html 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Frankfort-KY-40622.html 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Franklin-KY-42134.html  26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Franklin-KY-42135.html  26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Fredonia-KY-42411.html  26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Freeburn-KY-41528.html  26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Frenchburg-KY-40322...> 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Ft-Mitchell-KY-41017..> 26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Fulton-KY-42041.html    26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Gamaliel-KY-42140.html  26-Aug-2006 20:40    43k  
[TXT] Gapville-KY-41433.html  26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Garfield-KY-40140.html  26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Garner-KY-41817.html    26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Garrard-KY-40941.html   26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Garrett-KY-41630.html   26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Garrison-KY-41141.html  26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Gays-Creek-KY-41745...> 26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Georgetown-KY-40324...> 26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Germantown-KY-41044...> 26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Ghent-KY-41045.html     26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Gilbertsville-KY-420..> 26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Girdler-KY-40943.html   26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Glasgow-KY-42141.html   26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Glasgow-KY-42142.html   26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Glencoe-KY-41046.html   26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Glendale-KY-42740.html  26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Glens-Fork-KY-42741...> 26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Glenview-KY-40025.html  26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Goose-Rock-KY-40944...> 26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Gordon-KY-41819.html    26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Goshen-KY-40026.html    26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Gracey-KY-42232.html    26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Gradyville-KY-42742...> 26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Graham-KY-42344.html    26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Grahn-KY-41142.html     26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Grand-Rivers-KY-4204..> 26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Gravel-Switch-KY-403..> 26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Gray-Hawk-KY-40434.html 26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Gray-KY-40734.html      26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Grays-Knob-KY-40829...> 26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Grayson-KY-41143.html   26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Green-Road-KY-40946...> 26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Greensburg-KY-42743...> 26-Aug-2006 20:41    43k  
[TXT] Greenup-KY-41144.html   26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Greenville-KY-42345...> 26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Grethel-KY-41631.html   26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Gulston-KY-40830.html   26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Gunlock-KY-41632.html   26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Guston-KY-40142.html    26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Guthrie-KY-42234.html   26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Hadley-KY-42235.html    26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Hagerhill-KY-41222.html 26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Haldeman-KY-40329.html  26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Halfway-KY-42150.html   26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Hallie-KY-41821.html    26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Hamlin-KY-42046.html    26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Hampton-KY-42047.html   26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Hanson-KY-42413.html    26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Happy-KY-41746.html     26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Hardburly-KY-41747.html 26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Hardin-KY-42048.html    26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Hardinsburg-KY-40143..> 26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Hardy-KY-41531.html     26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Hardyville-KY-42746...> 26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Harlan-KY-40831.html    26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Harned-KY-40144.html    26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Harold-KY-41635.html    26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Harrods-Creek-KY-400..> 26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Harrodsburg-KY-40330..> 26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Hartford-KY-42347.html  26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Hawesville-KY-42348...> 26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Hazard-KY-41701.html    26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Hazard-KY-41702.html    26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Hazel-Green-KY-41332..> 26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Hazel-KY-42049.html     26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Hebron-KY-41048.html    26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Heidelberg-KY-41333...> 26-Aug-2006 20:42    43k  
[TXT] Heidrick-KY-40949.html  26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hellier-KY-41534.html   26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Helton-KY-40840.html    26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Henderson-KY-42419.html 26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Henderson-KY-42420.html 26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Herndon-KY-42236.html   26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hestand-KY-42151.html   26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hi-Hat-KY-41636.html    26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hickman-KY-42050.html   26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hickory-KY-42051.html   26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hillsboro-KY-41049.html 26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hillview-KY-40129.html  26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hima-KY-40951.html      26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hindman-KY-41822.html   26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hinkle-KY-40953.html    26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hiseville-KY-42152.html 26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hitchins-KY-41146.html  26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hodgenville-KY-42748..> 26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Holland-KY-42153.html   26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Holmes-Mill-KY-40843..> 26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hope-KY-40334.html      26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hopkinsville-KY-4224..> 26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hopkinsville-KY-4224..> 26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Horse-Branch-KY-4234..> 26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Horse-Cave-KY-42749...> 26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hoskinston-KY-40844...> 26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Huddy-KY-41535.html     26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hudson-KY-40145.html    26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hueysville-KY-41640...> 26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hulen-KY-40845.html     26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Huntsville-KY-42251...> 26-Aug-2006 20:43    43k  
[TXT] Hustonville-KY-40437..> 26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Hyden-KY-41749.html     26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Independence-KY-4105..> 26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Inez-KY-41224.html      26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Ingram-KY-40955.html    26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Irvine-KY-40336.html    26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Irvington-KY-40146.html 26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Island-City-KY-41338..> 26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Island-KY-42350.html    26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Isom-KY-41824.html      26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Isonville-KY-41149.html 26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Ivel-KY-41642.html      26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Ivyton-KY-41444.html    26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Jackhorn-KY-41825.html  26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Jackson-KY-41339.html   26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Jacobs-KY-41150.html    26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Jamestown-KY-42629.html 26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Jeff-KY-41751.html      26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Jeffersonville-KY-40..> 26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Jenkins-KY-41537.html   26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Jeremiah-KY-41826.html  26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Jetson-KY-42252.html    26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Jonancy-KY-41538.html   26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Jonesville-KY-41052...> 26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Junction-City-KY-404..> 26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Keaton-KY-41226.html    26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Keavy-KY-40737.html     26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Keene-KY-40339.html     26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Kenton-KY-41053.html    26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Kenvir-KY-40847.html    26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Kettle-Island-KY-409..> 26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Kevil-KY-42053.html     26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Kimper-KY-41539.html    26-Aug-2006 20:44    43k  
[TXT] Kings-Mountain-KY-40..> 26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Kirksey-KY-42054.html   26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Kite-KY-41828.html      26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Knifley-KY-42753.html   26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Knob-Lick-KY-42154.html 26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Krypton-KY-41754.html   26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Kuttawa-KY-42055.html   26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] La-Center-KY-42056.html 26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] La-Fayette-KY-42254...> 26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] La-Grange-KY-40031.html 26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] La-Grange-KY-40032.html 26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Lackey-KY-41643.html    26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Lancaster-KY-40444.html 26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Lancaster-KY-40446.html 26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Langley-KY-41645.html   26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Latonia-KY-41015.html   26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Lawrenceburg-KY-4034..> 26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Leander-KY-41228.html   26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Lebanon-Junction-KY-..> 26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Lebanon-KY-40033.html   26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Leburn-KY-41831.html    26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Ledbetter-KY-42058.html 26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Lee-City-KY-41342.html  26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Leitchfield-KY-42754..> 26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Leitchfield-KY-42755..> 26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Lejunior-KY-40849.html  26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Lerose-KY-41344.html    26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Letcher-KY-41832.html   26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Lewisburg-KY-42256.html 26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Lewisport-KY-42351.html 26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40502.html 26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40503.html 26-Aug-2006 20:45    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40504.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40505.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40506.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40507.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40508.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40509.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40510.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40511.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40512.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40513.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40514.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40515.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40516.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40517.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40522.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40523.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40524.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40526.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40533.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40536.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40544.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40546.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40550.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40555.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40574.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40575.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40576.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40577.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40578.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40579.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40580.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40581.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40582.html 26-Aug-2006 20:46    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40583.html 26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40584.html 26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40585.html 26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40586.html 26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40587.html 26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40588.html 26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40589.html 26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40590.html 26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40591.html 26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40592.html 26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40593.html 26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40594.html 26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40595.html 26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Lexington-KY-40596.html 26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Liberty-KY-42539.html   26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Lick-Creek-KY-41540...> 26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Lily-KY-40740.html      26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Lindseyville-KY-4225..> 26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Linefork-KY-41833.html  26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Littcarr-KY-41834.html  26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Livermore-KY-42352.html 26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Livingston-KY-40445...> 26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Lloyd-KY-41156.html     26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] Lockport-KY-40036.html  26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] London-KY-40741.html    26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] London-KY-40742.html    26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] London-KY-40743.html    26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] London-KY-40744.html    26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] London-KY-40745.html    26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] London-KY-40746.html    26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] London-KY-40747.html    26-Aug-2006 20:47    43k  
[TXT] London-KY-40748.html    26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Lone-KY-41347.html      26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Lookout-KY-41542.html   26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Loretto-KY-40037.html   26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Lost-Creek-KY-41348...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisa-KY-41230.html    26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40201...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40202...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40203...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40204...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40205...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40206...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40207...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40208...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40209...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40210...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40211...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40212...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40213...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40214...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40215...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40216...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40217...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40218...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40219...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40220...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40221...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40222...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40223...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40224...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40225...> 26-Aug-2006 20:48    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40228...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40229...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40231...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40232...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40233...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40241...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40242...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40243...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40245...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40250...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40251...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40252...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40253...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40255...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40256...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40257...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40258...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40259...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40261...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40266...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40268...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40269...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40270...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40272...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40280...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40281...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40282...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40283...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40285...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40287...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40289...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40290...> 26-Aug-2006 20:49    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40291...> 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40292...> 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40293...> 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40294...> 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40295...> 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40296...> 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40297...> 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40298...> 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Louisville-KY-40299...> 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Lovelaceville-KY-420..> 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Lovely-KY-41231.html    26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Lowes-KY-42061.html     26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Lowmansville-KY-4123..> 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Loyall-KY-40854.html    26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Lucas-KY-42156.html     26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Lynch-KY-40855.html     26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Lynnville-KY-42063.html 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Maceo-KY-42355.html     26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Mackville-KY-40040.html 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Madisonville-KY-4243..> 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Magnolia-KY-42757.html  26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Majestic-KY-41547.html  26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Mallie-KY-41836.html    26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Malone-KY-41451.html    26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Mammoth-Cave-KY-4225..> 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Manchester-KY-40962...> 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Manitou-KY-42436.html   26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Mannsville-KY-42758...> 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Maple-Mount-KY-42356..> 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Marion-KY-42064.html    26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Marrowbone-KY-42759...> 26-Aug-2006 20:50    43k  
[TXT] Marshes-Siding-KY-42..> 26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Martha-KY-41159.html    26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Martin-KY-41649.html    26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Mary-Alice-KY-40964...> 26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Marydell-KY-40751.html  26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Mason-KY-41054.html     26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Masonic-Home-KY-4004..> 26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Mayfield-KY-42066.html  26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Mayking-KY-41837.html   26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Mayslick-KY-41055.html  26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Maysville-KY-41056.html 26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Mazie-KY-41160.html     26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Mc-Andrews-KY-41543...> 26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Mc-Carr-KY-41544.html   26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Mc-Daniels-KY-40152...> 26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Mc-Dowell-KY-41647.html 26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Mc-Henry-KY-42354.html  26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Mc-Kee-KY-40447.html    26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Mc-Kinney-KY-40448.html 26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Mc-Quady-KY-40153.html  26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Mc-Roberts-KY-41835...> 26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Mc-Veigh-KY-41546.html  26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Meally-KY-41234.html    26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Means-KY-40346.html     26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Melber-KY-42069.html    26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Melbourne-KY-41059.html 26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Melvin-KY-41650.html    26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Middleburg-KY-42541...> 26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Middlesboro-KY-40965..> 26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Midway-KY-40347.html    26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Milburn-KY-42070.html   26-Aug-2006 20:51    43k  
[TXT] Milford-KY-41061.html   26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Mill-Springs-KY-4263..> 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Millersburg-KY-40348..> 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Millstone-KY-41838.html 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Milltown-KY-42761.html  26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Millwood-KY-42762.html  26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Milton-KY-40045.html    26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Minerva-KY-41062.html   26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Minnie-KY-41651.html    26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Miracle-KY-40856.html   26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Mistletoe-KY-41351.html 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Mitchellsburg-KY-404..> 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Mize-KY-41352.html      26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Monticello-KY-42633...> 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Moorefield-KY-40350...> 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Morehead-KY-40351.html  26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Morganfield-KY-42437..> 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Morgantown-KY-42261...> 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Morning-View-KY-4106..> 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Mortons-Gap-KY-42440..> 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Mount-Eden-KY-40046...> 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Mount-Hermon-KY-4215..> 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Mount-Olivet-KY-4106..> 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Mount-Sherman-KY-427..> 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Mount-Sterling-KY-40..> 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Mount-Vernon-KY-4045..> 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Mount-Washington-KY-..> 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Mousie-KY-41839.html    26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Mouthcard-KY-41548.html 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Mozelle-KY-40858.html   26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Muldraugh-KY-40155.html 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Munfordville-KY-4276..> 26-Aug-2006 20:52    43k  
[TXT] Murray-KY-42071.html    26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Muses-Mills-KY-41065..> 26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Myra-KY-41549.html      26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Nancy-KY-42544.html     26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Nazareth-KY-40048.html  26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Nebo-KY-42441.html      26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Neon-KY-41840.html      26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Nerinx-KY-40049.html    26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Nevisdale-KY-40754.html 26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] New-Castle-KY-40050...> 26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] New-Concord-KY-42076..> 26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] New-Haven-KY-40051.html 26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] New-Hope-KY-40052.html  26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] New-Liberty-KY-40355..> 26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Newport-KY-41071.html   26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Newport-KY-41072.html   26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Newport-KY-41076.html   26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Newport-KY-41099.html   26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Nicholasville-KY-403..> 26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Nicholasville-KY-403..> 26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] North-Middletown-KY-..> 26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Nortonville-KY-42442..> 26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Oak-Grove-KY-42262.html 26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Oakland-KY-42159.html   26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Oil-Springs-KY-41238..> 26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Olaton-KY-42361.html    26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Olive-Hill-KY-41164...> 26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Olmstead-KY-42265.html  26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Olympia-KY-40358.html   26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Oneida-KY-40972.html    26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Ophir-KY-41459.html     26-Aug-2006 20:53    43k  
[TXT] Orlando-KY-40460.html   26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Owensboro-KY-42301.html 26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Owensboro-KY-42302.html 26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Owensboro-KY-42303.html 26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Owensboro-KY-42304.html 26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Owenton-KY-40359.html   26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Owingsville-KY-40360..> 26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Paducah-KY-42001.html   26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Paducah-KY-42002.html   26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Paducah-KY-42003.html   26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Paint-Lick-KY-40461...> 26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Paintsville-KY-41240..> 26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Paris-KY-40361.html     26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Paris-KY-40362.html     26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Park-City-KY-42160.html 26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Parkers-Lake-KY-4263..> 26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Parksville-KY-40464...> 26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Partridge-KY-40862.html 26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Pathfork-KY-40863.html  26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Payneville-KY-40157...> 26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Pellville-KY-42364.html 26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Pembroke-KY-42266.html  26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Pendleton-KY-40055.html 26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Penrod-KY-42365.html    26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Peoples-KY-40467.html   26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Perry-Park-KY-40363...> 26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Perryville-KY-40468...> 26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Petersburg-KY-41080...> 26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Pewee-Valley-KY-4005..> 26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Phelps-KY-41553.html    26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Philpot-KY-42366.html   26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Phyllis-KY-41554.html   26-Aug-2006 20:54    43k  
[TXT] Pikeville-KY-41501.html 26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Pikeville-KY-41502.html 26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Pilgrim-KY-41250.html   26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Pine-Knot-KY-42635.html 26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Pine-Ridge-KY-41360...> 26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Pine-Top-KY-41843.html  26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Pineville-KY-40977.html 26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Pinsonfork-KY-41555...> 26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Pippa-Passes-KY-4184..> 26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Pittsburg-KY-40755.html 26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Pleasureville-KY-400..> 26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Plummers-Landing-KY-..> 26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Poole-KY-42444.html     26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Port-Royal-KY-40058...> 26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Powderly-KY-42367.html  26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Premium-KY-41845.html   26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Preston-KY-40366.html   26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Prestonsburg-KY-4165..> 26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Primrose-KY-41362.html  26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Princeton-KY-42445.html 26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Printer-KY-41655.html   26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Prospect-KY-40059.html  26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Providence-KY-42450...> 26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Provo-KY-42267.html     26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Putney-KY-40865.html    26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Quincy-KY-41166.html    26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Raccoon-KY-41557.html   26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Radcliff-KY-40159.html  26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Radcliff-KY-40160.html  26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Ransom-KY-41558.html    26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Raven-KY-41861.html     26-Aug-2006 20:55    43k  
[TXT] Ravenna-KY-40472.html   26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Raywick-KY-40060.html   26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Redfox-KY-41847.html    26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Reed-KY-42451.html      26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Regina-KY-41559.html    26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Renfro-Valley-KY-404..> 26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Revelo-KY-42638.html    26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Reynolds-Station-KY-..> 26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Rhodelia-KY-40161.html  26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Ricetown-KY-41364.html  26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Richardsville-KY-422..> 26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Richmond-KY-40475.html  26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Richmond-KY-40476.html  26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Rineyville-KY-40162...> 26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] River-KY-41254.html     26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Roark-KY-40979.html     26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Robards-KY-42452.html   26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Robinson-Creek-KY-41..> 26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Rochester-KY-42273.html 26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Rockfield-KY-42274.html 26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Rockholds-KY-40759.html 26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Rockhouse-KY-41561.html 26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Rockport-KY-42369.html  26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Rocky-Hill-KY-42163...> 26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Rogers-KY-41365.html    26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Rosine-KY-42370.html    26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Roundhill-KY-42275.html 26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Rousseau-KY-41366.html  26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Rowdy-KY-41367.html     26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Roxana-KY-41848.html    26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Royalton-KY-41464.html  26-Aug-2006 20:56    43k  
[TXT] Rumsey-KY-42371.html    26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Rush-KY-41168.html      26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Russell-KY-41169.html   26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Russell-Springs-KY-4..> 26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Russellville-KY-4227..> 26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Sacramento-KY-42372...> 26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Sadieville-KY-40370...> 26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Saint-Catharine-KY-4..> 26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Saint-Charles-KY-424..> 26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Saint-Francis-KY-400..> 26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Saint-Helens-KY-4136..> 26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Saint-Mary-KY-40063...> 26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Saint-Paul-KY-41170...> 26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Salem-KY-42078.html     26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Salt-Lick-KY-40371.html 26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Salvisa-KY-40372.html   26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Salyersville-KY-4146..> 26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Sanders-KY-41083.html   26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Sandgap-KY-40481.html   26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Sandy-Hook-KY-41171...> 26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Sassafras-KY-41759.html 26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Saul-KY-40981.html      26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Scalf-KY-40982.html     26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Science-Hill-KY-4255..> 26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Scottsville-KY-42164..> 26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Scuddy-KY-41760.html    26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Se-Ree-KY-40164.html    26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Sebree-KY-42455.html    26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Seco-KY-41849.html      26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Sedalia-KY-42079.html   26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Sextons-Creek-KY-409..> 26-Aug-2006 20:57    43k  
[TXT] Sharon-Grove-KY-4228..> 26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Sharpsburg-KY-40374...> 26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Shelbiana-KY-41562.html 26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Shelby-Gap-KY-41563...> 26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Shelbyville-KY-40065..> 26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Shelbyville-KY-40066..> 26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Shepherdsville-KY-40..> 26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Sidney-KY-41564.html    26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Siler-KY-40763.html     26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Silver-Grove-KY-4108..> 26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Simpsonville-KY-4006..> 26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Sitka-KY-41255.html     26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Sizerock-KY-41762.html  26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Slade-KY-40376.html     26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Slaughters-KY-42456...> 26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Slemp-KY-41763.html     26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Smilax-KY-41764.html    26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Smith-Mills-KY-42457..> 26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Smithfield-KY-40068...> 26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Smithland-KY-42081.html 26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Smiths-Grove-KY-4217..> 26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Soldier-KY-41173.html   26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Somerset-KY-42501.html  26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Somerset-KY-42502.html  26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Somerset-KY-42503.html  26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] Sonora-KY-42776.html    26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] South-Carrollton-KY-..> 26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] South-Portsmouth-KY-..> 26-Aug-2006 20:58    43k  
[TXT] South-Shore-KY-41175..> 26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] South-Union-KY-42283..> 26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] South-Williamson-KY-..> 26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Sparta-KY-41086.html    26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Spottsville-KY-42458..> 26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Springfield-KY-40069..> 26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Staffordsville-KY-41..> 26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Stambaugh-KY-41257.html 26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Stamping-Ground-KY-4..> 26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Stanford-KY-40484.html  26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Stanley-KY-42375.html   26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Stanton-KY-40380.html   26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Stanville-KY-41659.html 26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Stearns-KY-42647.html   26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Steele-KY-41566.html    26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Stephensport-KY-4017..> 26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Stinnett-KY-40868.html  26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Stone-KY-41567.html     26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Stoney-Fork-KY-40988..> 26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Stopover-KY-41568.html  26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Strunk-KY-42649.html    26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Sturgis-KY-42459.html   26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Sullivan-KY-42460.html  26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Sulphur-KY-40070.html   26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Summer-Shade-KY-4216..> 26-Aug-2006 20:59    43k  
[TXT] Summersville-KY-4278..> 26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Summit-KY-42783.html    26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Sweeden-KY-42285.html   26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Symsonia-KY-42082.html  26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Talbert-KY-41377.html   26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Tateville-KY-42558.html 26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Taylorsville-KY-4007..> 26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Teaberry-KY-41660.html  26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Thelma-KY-41260.html    26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Thornton-KY-41855.html  26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Thousandsticks-KY-41..> 26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Tiline-KY-42083.html    26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Toler-KY-41569.html     26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Tollesboro-KY-41189...> 26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Tolu-KY-42084.html      26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Tomahawk-KY-41262.html  26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Tompkinsville-KY-421..> 26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Topmost-KY-41862.html   26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Totz-KY-40870.html      26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Tram-KY-41663.html      26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Trenton-KY-42286.html   26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Trosper-KY-40995.html   26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Turners-Station-KY-4..> 26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Tutor-Key-KY-41263.html 26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Tyner-KY-40486.html     26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Ulysses-KY-41264.html   26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Union-KY-41091.html     26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Union-Star-KY-40171...> 26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Uniontown-KY-42461.html 26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Upton-KY-42784.html     26-Aug-2006 21:00    43k  
[TXT] Utica-KY-42376.html     26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Van-Lear-KY-41265.html  26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Vanceburg-KY-41179.html 26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Vancleve-KY-41385.html  26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Varney-KY-41571.html    26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Verona-KY-41092.html    26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Versailles-KY-40383...> 26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Versailles-KY-40384...> 26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Versailles-KY-40386...> 26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Vest-KY-41772.html      26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Vicco-KY-41773.html     26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Vincent-KY-41386.html   26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Vine-Grove-KY-40175...> 26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Viper-KY-41774.html     26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Virgie-KY-41572.html    26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Waco-KY-40385.html      26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Waddy-KY-40076.html     26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Walker-KY-40997.html    26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Wallingford-KY-41093..> 26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Wallins-Creek-KY-408..> 26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Walton-KY-41094.html    26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Waneta-KY-40488.html    26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Warbranch-KY-40874.html 26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Warfield-KY-41267.html  26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Warsaw-KY-41095.html    26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Washington-KY-41096...> 26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Water-Valley-KY-4208..> 26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Waterview-KY-42786.html 26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Waverly-KY-42462.html   26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Wayland-KY-41666.html   26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Waynesburg-KY-40489...> 26-Aug-2006 21:01    43k  
[TXT] Webbville-KY-41180.html 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Webster-KY-40176.html   26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Weeksbury-KY-41667.html 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Welchs-Creek-KY-4228..> 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Wellington-KY-40387...> 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Wendover-KY-41775.html  26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] West-Liberty-KY-4147..> 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] West-Louisville-KY-4..> 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] West-Paducah-KY-4208..> 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] West-Point-KY-40177...> 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] West-Somerset-KY-425..> 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] West-Van-Lear-KY-412..> 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Westport-KY-40077.html  26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Westview-KY-40178.html  26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Wheatcroft-KY-42463...> 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Wheelwright-KY-41669..> 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Whick-KY-41390.html     26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] White-Mills-KY-42788..> 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] White-Plains-KY-4246..> 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Whitesburg-KY-41858...> 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Whitesville-KY-42378..> 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Whitley-City-KY-4265..> 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Wickliffe-KY-42087.html 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Wildie-KY-40492.html    26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Willard-KY-41181.html   26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Williamsburg-KY-4076..> 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Williamsport-KY-4127..> 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Williamstown-KY-4109..> 26-Aug-2006 21:02    43k  
[TXT] Willisburg-KY-40078...> 26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Wilmore-KY-40390.html   26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Winchester-KY-40391...> 26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Winchester-KY-40392...> 26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Windsor-KY-42565.html   26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Wingo-KY-42088.html     26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Winston-KY-40495.html   26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Wittensville-KY-4127..> 26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Woodbine-KY-40771.html  26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Woodburn-KY-42170.html  26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Woodbury-KY-42288.html  26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Woollum-KY-40999.html   26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Wooton-KY-41776.html    26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Worthington-KY-41183..> 26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Worthville-KY-41098...> 26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Wrigley-KY-41477.html   26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Yeaddiss-KY-41777.html  26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Yerkes-KY-41778.html    26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Yosemite-KY-42566.html  26-Aug-2006 21:03    43k  
[TXT] Zoe-KY-41397.html       26-Aug-2006 21:03    43kImage

Kentucky Mortgage Updates for VA, FHA, USDA, Fannie Mae for October 2012


Joel Lobb (NMLS#57916)
Senior  Loan Officer
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Jefferson County Kentucky Fannie Mae Homepath Homes for Sales in Louisville Kentucky

Jefferson County Kentucky Fannie Mae Homepath Homes for Sales in Louisville Kentucky.

All Current FHA, VA, KHC, USDA , Fannie Mae Programs for a mortgage in Kentucky with our company require a FICO Score of 640-We take your middle score.

What Credit Score do You Need to qualify for a FHA VA KHC USDA Kentucky Mortgage



You Are More Than a Credit Score. However, you still need to understand what your score means.
Why do credit scores matter for Kentucky Mortgages?
Because they have a direct impact on your chances of qualifying when you apply for a mortgage, car loan or credit cards.  Your credit score is a numerical indication of the risk of you not repaying a loan. The lower your score, the higher that risk has been determined to be. A company called the Fair Isaac Corporation is responsible for these scores, also known as FICO scores. Credit scores are derived from reports kept by major credit agencies, including Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. These agencies track the amount of debt consumers have taken on and whether they pay their bills on time.
Credit scores range from 350-850. Consumers with scores below 600 may be charged higher loan rates, while those with scores above 700 are generally charged lower rates. Those with scores above 760 generally get the best rates.
How Lenders View Your Credit Score for a Kentucky Mortgage
There are 3 national credit programs at 3 different bureaus:
  • Fair, Isaac Model at Experian (formerly TRW)
  • BEACON at Equifax
  • EMPIRICA at Trans Union
Beacon and Empirica, both subscribe to the Fair Isaac’s FICO model of scoring and then they integrate their own version of a person’s FICO score.  On the other hand, when borrowers are looking for a mortgage loan, lenders pull what’s called a “tri-merge.”   A tri-merge merges and verifies all information detailed from all 3 unions into one report.
The main determinants of a credit grade are based on your credit and debt ratio. Beacon scores range from 400 – 844; while, FICO scores range from 350 – 880. Conversely, lenders determine the investment quality of a loan, with the equivalent of a grade, A, B, C or D. y ‘A” paper represents the highest quality loan, and D paper is the highest risk loan for the investor.
For example, if your credit score is 680 or more, you fall in the ‘A’ paper category; however, not all lenders rate credit the same way. So the question is: how does your credit affect the interest rate a lender will charge you? The answer depends on the level of the consistency of good payment in your credit history, along with your debt ratio. If both are great, the loan is assigned “A” grade; and, qualifies for the best interest rate. If even one of the factors is not up to par, the quality of the loan is downgraded to ‘A-” or ‘B’ paper. Consequently, the interest rate goes up as the perceived risk factor increases. There is a higher risk for a lender making a B, C or D paper loan because there is a higher risk for a defaulted loan. Therefore, the lender is compensated for the higher risk by charging the borrower a higher interest rate.
When lenders review one’s credit score, an underwriter reviews it. The underwriter and credit scores are assessed and rated by the following criteria:
Lifestyle History
  • How long you’ve lived at your residence
  • Do you own or rent (Owning property – earns extra credit)
  • How long you’ve been employed at your current job
  • How much money earned and how credit has been used
Payment history
  • Public record and collection items
  • Severity, recent and frequency of delinquencies noted in trade line section
Outstanding debt
  • Credit history
  • Number of balances recently reported
  • Average balance across all trade lines
  • Relationship between total balances and total credit limits on revolving trade lines
Pursuit of new credit
  • Number of inquiries and new account openings in the last year
  • Amount of time since most recent inquiry
Types of credit in use
  • Number of trade lines reported for each type
  • Bankcard
  • Department store cards
  • Personal finance company references
  • Travel and entertainment cards
  • Installment loans
Quick Improve Your Credit Scoring Tips
  • Obtain Your Credit FICO Score
  • Make any credit corrections with the proper documentation
  • Pay off small balances on high limit credit cards
  • Cancel certain credit cards and consolidate all the balances into a lower interest home equity loan or refinace your home loan with a cash out option.
All Current FHA, VA, KHC, USDA , Fannie Mae Programs for a mortgage in Kentucky with our company require a FICO Score of 640-We take your middle score.

Louisville Kentucky Mortgage Loans


What Credit Score do You Need to Buy a Home?

When it comes to mortgages and credit scores, there are two really important questions to ask:

–What credit score do I need to qualify for a mortgage?

–What credit score do I need to get the lowest interest rate on a mortgage?

These different but related questions are important if you are looking to buy a home. And the second question is particularly important. With a high FICO score, you can literally save tens of thousands of dollars in interest over the life of a home loan. So let’s take a look at both questions. And if you don’t know you score, be sure to get you free credit score.

What credit score do you need to qualify for a mortgage?

The first thing to keep in mind is that qualifying for a mortgage involves a lot more than…

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